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Submission – a poem

let me be a dog, head on your knee
basking in the glow
of a hand on the back of my neck
and a voice saying “good girl”

is it so wrong to want
safety, protection, love
at the feet of my master
when submission is my freedom
and peace my reward

Copyright © J.S. White

4 thoughts on “Submission – a poem”

  1. I understand this and we all want a relationship where we feel safe and taken care of and don’t have to worry about being secure with that person in our most vulnerable moments. One day I know you will have this with someone.

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  2. I really like this. It’s eerily close to some themes in songs I’ve been listening to.

    Little song rant: Love love love Mitski’s “I Bet on Losing Dogs” (for so many reasons, but every single word in that song is like a dagger to my heart. Sometimes I see myself as the dog, sometimes I see myself as the person betting) and there’s another song (“Quit Fucking Around” by Francis Delirium) that has a part that goes “I’ll stop following you around/If you want me to/But lost dogs stay at your hands and feet/When you bring them food” and there’s a few others like this, I just can’t recall their titles now.


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