Nature, Poetry, Reflection, Seasons, Spirituality

Their Ancient Song – a poem

O pagan spirits
Who have lost the voice to sing
Harken to the trees –
Long-lived and full of mem’ry,
it is they who will teach you

The passing seasons
of drought, decay, and plenty
they, who remember
all, will share their music,
sing back the words of old

From the deepest roots
they will draw the prayers
forth, like water –
and with the drawing, quench your thirst;
with the quenching, free your souls

With leafy voices
and outstretched branches that brush
the floor of heaven
they lift you up, bones trembling
with their ancient song

O pagan spirits,
who have lost the voice to sing,
the trees with teach you –
their resinous throats thick with
the praises of the old gods

Copyright © J.S. White

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