Poetry, Reflection, Short Fiction, Spirituality

The Voice

And the Voice asked me:

Is your soul enriched by all your ceaseless wandering? Are your nights of loneliness and pain more bearable? What have you gained, my child? And what have you lost? What dreams still linger in your heart that these wanderings haven’t crushed into the dust?

And I answered the Voice saying:

I dream of safety
In my heart of hearts,
Of love that goes beyond the body
And reaches deep into the soul.

I dream of strong arms bearing me aloft,
Of the guidance and balance I’ve lost.
I have gained courage in my wanderings,
a deep silence.

I have gained willpower amidst
An overwhelming sense of uncertainty,
An awareness of my smallness.
Hope perhaps, or maybe despair.

But I continue –
Despite the pain and the lack of peace
Because my heart still longs to find
These things I dream of…

I seek endlessly,
I hope earnestly,
For a home, for peace, and for love
I don’t know how to do anything else.

Copyright © J.S. White

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